Your Tasknibbler Premium Associate Business!

Starting your Tasknibbler Premium Associate-Provider Business means that you have to learn to do things that you would normally delegate to an employee or an outside company. I agree that it's exhausting to do all the work yourself, but you don't have the budget to hire help. Doing everything yourself you at this early stage will put every kobo back into your business. It will be tough, but it may be the best way to build up a cash reserve.

This is NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme

There are countless cases of "get rich quick schemes" both online and offline. They promise you everything you want to hear. Quick and easy money with little or no work. It simply doesn't exist. You can start a business with no money, but you can't start one without hard work, strategic thinking, and patience.

Don't believe stories about overnight success. They are simply myths.

Here are examples of real success stories, and none of them is the overnight kind:
  • Milton Hershey started 3 unsuccessful candy companies before he started the Hershey Company.
  • It took Bill Gates 6 years to land his first contract with IBM.
  • It took Steve Jobs 20 years to become an overnight billionaire.
  • It took Biz Stone 8 years to come up with the idea for Twitter.
  • It took Steve Martin and Jim Carrey 10 years of stand-up gigs before making it big.

Nothing will hurt your chances for success more than believing in the - false - idea of overnight success. You are doing yourself a disservice believing it. Most businesses take years of development before they become successful. You can start a business with no money. Expect to spend years to build your business instead of days. Persistence is key. 

Here are some brands that started with almost nothing:

  • Whole Foods Market - In 1978 John Mackey and Rene Lawson saved and borrowed money from friends and family to open their first store in Austin, Texas. After getting evicted from their apartment, the two lived in their first store.
  • Apple, Disney, Google, Harley Davidson, Hewlett-Packard, Lotus Cars, Mattel, Yankee Candle Company all started in garages.
  • Nike - Founders, Philip Knight and Bill Bowerman started selling training shoes from their car trunk.
  • Dell - Michael Dell started out as a dishwasher, making a whopping $2.30 per hour. Dell started selling PC out of his college dorm.

Selecting Your Tasknibbler Business Categories.

Build on your passions and experiences. Instead of  trying to start a business in a niche outside of your comfort zone stick to something you know. Build your business on your skills and knowledge. It is true that you can learn new skills, but it will take time. If you want to start a business quickly, you have to focus on what you can do now not years from now.

Learning new skills will require more time and additional expenses. We have therefore provided a list of categories to help you choose where you want to focus on, based on your passion and skills.

Below is a list of categories to select from. Let us know your selections and we will add them to the system for you.

Automobile Detailing
Auto parts delivery
Brake replacement & repair
Car wash
Junk car removal
Mobile car tune-up and repair service

Advertising specialty sales
Administrative support services
Appliance repair
Bed and Breakfast Inn
Bicycle repair
Balloon decorating service
Boat excursions and tours
Business plan writer
Cabinet maker
Car Detailing
Carpet and upholstery cleaning
Chemical testing
Child Care Service
Chimney sweep
Cleaning Service
Coin dealer
Collectibles dealer
Collections service
Concrete construction and repair
Crafts instructor
Currency auctions
Dance instructor
Daycare for adults
Dental claims processing
Dog walking service
Dog obedience training
Dog / yard cleanup
Drive for ride-hailing service
Elderly companion
Employment agency
Environmental cleanup service
Errand service
Executive recruiter
Financial planner
Fishing boat rides
Flea market seller
Food delivery service
Formal wear rental service (male or female)
Food truck
Framing service (picture frames)
Furniture reupholstering
Grant writer
Hair Salon
Handiman service
Home  or office organization services
Home attendant service
Home design service
Home staging service
Home healthcare service
Home inspector
Outsourced HR services
HVAC installation & service
Inventory control service
Janitorial service
Junk removal services
Laundry service
Lawn cutting
Lawnmower and motor repair
Lead generation service
Limousine service
Loan consultant
Mailing service
Market research
Marketing agency
Masonry & Paving for homeowners
Medical Claims Billing Service
Medical transcription
Moving company
Music teacher - private lessons
Nail salon
Novelty T-shirt sales
Nutritional supplement sales
Paddleboard lessons
Personal fitness trainer
Personal concierge
Personal chef
Pet sitting
Pet walking
Pet grooming
Pet waste cleanup
Pest control service
Pool cleaning service
Portrait and wedding photographer
Private investigator
Property Management
Power washing service
Public relations agency
Public speaker
Remodeling service
Reupholster furniture
Seminar producer
Senior services
Screen printing
Shopping service
Shuttle service
Sightseeing tours
Small business consultant
Swimming pool installation
Swimming pool maintenance
Tax preparation
Telemarketing service
Telephone service reseller
Tool rental
Travel agency
Tree trimming and removal
TV installation
Water taxi service
Window cleaning
Yard cleanup

Lock Down Your Tasknibbler Business and Location

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