The compensation plan applies to all Registered Associates who have been added to TARTS by their referrer. TARTS enables all Registered Associates to build their team and track their earnings.

A candidate becomes a Registered Associate after paying a registration flat-fee of ₦3,050. If you have not completed this step, click here for Associate Registration Payment page.

Section 1: General

Below is a breakdown of the general compensation structure for every Registered Associate*.

1. Referral Bonus:
- 10% of Registration Fee
- Upon referring other associates who must be duly registered as members of either the Basic or the Premium Group.

2. Monthly Commission on Basic Provider Payments:
- Zonal Director: 2%
- State Director: 3%
- City Director: 5%
- FSA: 10%

3. Personal Annual Performance Bonus:
- 2% of the total net revenue generated from personal signups of a Premium Associate-Provider for the year.

4. Team Annual Performance Bonus:
- Based on total net revenue generated by your Premium Provider team for the year.
- Zonal Director: 0.5%
- State Director: 1.0%
- City Director: 1.5%

5. Commission on Premium Subscriptions:
- Zonal Director: 2%
- State Director: 3%
- City Director: 5%
- FSA: Not applicable

6. Proceeds from Services Rendered and Paid For:
- Premium Provider: 65%
- Basic Provider : 55%

7. Overseas Travel Incentive:
- Covers Canada or any other country
- Or overseas travel fund awards in lieu
- Value depends on subscription plan

Section 2: Free and Premium (optional) Subscriptions Plans

There are two types of plans - Basic Plan, which is FREE to all Registered Associates and the Premium Plans, which are totally optional.

Basic Plan (Free)

Every Associate is entitled to a Free Basic Plan. The Basic Plan enables an Associate to fully participate in the business and earn referral bonuses and commissions on payments made by Users on the User App.

Premium Plans (Optional)

In addition to the compensation plan explained in section 1 above, a Premium Plan subscriber enjoys higher commissions and payback, depending on the plan. A Premium Plan enables an Associate to employ between 25- 200 Service Providers in specific service categories to work for him/her on the platform of the Tasknibbler Provider App; and earn a certain percentage of their total monthly earnings, depending on the subscription plan. There are five subscription premium plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and PlatinumPlus:

- Number of Providers: Min 25 | Max 50
- Monthly Subscription: ₦1,550 | Click here for Bronze Plan Payment link
- Monthly Commission: 5% of total User payment.

- Number of Providers: Min 45 | Max 75
- Monthly Subscription: ₦2,550 | Click here for Silver Plan payment link
- Monthly Commission: 7.5% of total User payment.

- Number of Providers: Min 65 | Max 100
- Monthly Subscription: ₦3,550 | Click here for Gold Plan Payment link
- Monthly Commission: 9.5% of total User payment.

- Number of Providers: Min 85 | Max 150
- Monthly Subscription: ₦4,550 | Click here for Platinum Plan Payment link
- Monthly Commission: 11.5% of total User payment.

- Number of Providers: Min 105 | Max 200
- Monthly Subscription: ₦5,550 | Click here for PlatinumPlus Plan Payment link
- Monthly Commission: 13.5% of total User payment.

Click here for Compensation Plan - Pocket Card

Section 3: Wealth Creation

Every Director is is an entrepreneur and will run their units as an independent business in order to create wealth. This is easily achieved by developing businesses from one or two categories on the Tasknibbler platform, using the example below:
1. Associate Barry - Cleaning Services
2. Associate Nike - Hairdressing Services
3. Associate Power - Security Services
4. Associate Uzo - Cake & Confectionery Services
5. Associate Helen - Food delivery Services

To learn more on how the Premium Associate-Provider business works, using hairdressing as an example, click here.

Section 4: Income Potential of Tasknibbler Zonal Office

Below are the projected yearly income potentials of Tasknibbler Zonal Office operating under a driven Zonal Director with a team that comprises State Directors, City Directors, Field Service Associates and 325 Providers.

Zonal Director:

State Directors:

City Directors:

Field Service Associates

325 Providers:

Combined Total Per Year:
₦335,021,040 (Three Hundred and Thirty Five Million Naira!)

For a driven and ambitious team with the ability to double the projected numbers, the annual revenue equally doubles to ₦780,000,000.00!

Tasknibbler neighbourhood locations are limited - click the Paystack links below to get started now!.

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*Premium Plan subscribers enjoy bonuses and percentages higher than those of Basic Plan.