Start Your Own Professional Service Company with ZERO Infrastructure Capital!

The Service Industry Powers Developed Nations!...remains untapped in Nigeria!

  1. Are you interested in starting your own Service Company in Nigeria?
  2. Are you a classy individual looking for a classy look and feel for your company?
  3. Are you looking to know how easy it is to open a thriving service company of repute?
  4. Are you tired of looking for a job and want to become an employer of the labour yourself?
  5. Are you looking to spend no money on technology, but enjoy the benefits of service company technologies?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then register NOW for this wealth creation Training. 

The Program

This high powered training will take participants through the process of using technology to setup and manage their own service companies and becoming part of this yet untapped nascent economy in Nigeria. This is not a theory based exercise. Instead participants will be taken through the step by step process covering the following:

  1. How to start your own service company with no Capital
  2. How to market your service company to generate sales from the first day
  3. How to use technology to serve your customers better
  4. How to stand out and be a recognized brand within your service area
  5. How to identify the services to offer using your current skills
  6. How to turn from job seeker to employer of labour, making ₦150,000 per month in the process
  7. How to generate estimated ₦50,000,000 per year in revenue effortlessly
  8. How to access the world-class tools to enable you to project a corporate image within the industry
  9. How to ensure the growth and sustainability of your service business after year one of successful business
  10. How to export your services to other markets. And much more

This Training is Coming Soon to a City Near You!!

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